Spotify Music has been one of the most widely used music streaming services in the present day. It offers both Spotify Premium and Spotify free. This means that Spotify has allowed you to access its extensive music library and enjoy its features for free, but if you wish to experience more from Spotify, you should consider upgrading to Premium. One good reason is about downloading tracks and in a free account, you are not allowed to do so. So, if you wish to save the songs, you should use a tool that can free download Spotify playlist.

If you want to learn more about the things that you should consider whether to upgrade your account or not, I will be discussing the main differences between a Spotify Free and Spotify Premium account. If you wish to know as well the procedure on how to free download Spotify playlist on your used device, I will be tackling it also. Just keep on reading.

Article Content Part 1. Can We Download Free Music From Spotify? Part 2. How Do I Download Spotify Playlists For Free? Part 3. Free Download Spotify Playlist Without Premium Summary

Part 1. Can We Download Free Music From Spotify?

Spotify Free and Spotify Premium users are both given the opportunity to access the huge library of Spotify Music containing about 40 million songs in total. Although this is already a great advantage to the free users, since they are not paying any amount but are still capable of such, there are still some restrictions experienced. But what exactly are those? What are the factors that you should consider to finally upgrade your account to a Premium plan? Can you download free music from Spotify? Let us find out which Spotify account can help you free download Spotify playlist.


From the name itself, in Spotify Free, you can enjoy all of the songs and playlists you want without paying for any amount. You just have to create a Spotify account first using either your valid email address or your Facebook account. You can easily create an account in Spotify by connecting or linking it to your Facebook account. This collaboration was made for the purpose of convenience and sharing. Anyone is given the chance to use the Spotify app, it can compatibly work in Windows, Mac, mobile devices like your iPhone or Android including the web player as well.

On the other hand, if you upgrade to Spotify Premium, you have to pay a total of $9.99 for every month. This plan is actually an individual plan, if you want to avail of the year plan instead, you have to pay a total of $99 for the entire year with an included discount of $20. You also have the option of availing of the family plan if you are qualified to have one. You have to gather a total of 6 members which will have a total cost of $14.99 per month.

Now, if you think that you are already contented with having just the free account, then it is okay. But, if you are thinking about upgrading to a Premium, these are the plans that you may consider availing of.

Audio Quality

For your information, all the tracks released in the Spotify app are encoded in OGG Vorbis format. Spotify has also set a changing streaming quality based on the account that you are using. So obviously, the audio quality of a Premium account must be a lot better than the free account.

In Spotify free, you can only enjoy a 160-kbps streaming quality on desktop, while in the web player, the standard quality is the only thing allowed. On your mobile phones, you may choose from using a normal streaming quality of 96 kbps and a high quality of 160 kbps. On the other hand, in Spotify Premium, you can have an audio quality of 320 kbps on desktop and the highest quality of 320 kbps on your mobile devices.

Appearance Of Advertisements

If you are using the Spotify app for free, then expect that you will experience the interruption brought about by the sudden appearance of advertisements in between songs. While in Spotify Premium, you can enjoy non-stop music streaming and experience unlimited music sessions without any interruption.

Downloading Of Tracks

Spotify free users are not allowed to save any track and playlist on their device. They can only listen to the songs if they are connected to the internet. So, there is no free download Spotify playlist in Spotify free. If you wish to be capable of saving your favorite songs on your device, you should subscribe to Spotify Premium then.

Offline Playback

Spotify Premium users are the only ones allowed to save the songs on their device so, they are only the ones capable to play the songs offline. The free users can only enjoy the tracks if they are connected to the internet while using the Spotify app.

Skipping Of Songs

The free users are only allowed to skip the tracks up to 6x every hour while the Premium users are allowed as many times they wish to.

Now, I guess that it was pretty obvious already that you can only download music from Spotify if you are a Premium user. There is no such free download Spotify playlist especially if you are just using the application for free.

Part 2. How Do I Download Spotify Playlists For Free?

The download feature of Spotify is a lot helpful especially if you are planning to travel or go to a place where the signal and internet connection is a problem. But of course, you have to save it before you lose access to the internet. In order to do this, see the steps below which you can use as your guide to free download Spotify playlist on your Mac or Windows and on your mobile device.

Steps To Follow On How To Download Spotify Playlist On Mac/PC

  • The first thing that you have to do is to have your Spotify desktop app opened. Now, take a look at the left part of your screen and search for the icon of “Playlists”. Open your saved playlists and then look for all those you wish to save on your device.
  • At the upper right part of the playlists or tracks is the Download button which you can toggle oppositely in order to have the download process started. Just observe if the button has turned green or not because it is the main indication if the playlists have been downloaded.

Download Spotify Playlist On Mac/PC

  • You can say if the download was already done if there is a green symbol that has appeared right next to the playlists.

Once all of them are successfully downloaded, you may now stream them without an internet connection.

Steps To Follow On How To Download Spotify Playlist On iPhone/Android

  1. Open your mobile device and then click the icon of Spotify Music.
  2. Now, look for the tab of “My Library” and have it clicked to see the playlists that you wish to download.
  3. At the top of the playlists, specifically at the upper right one, you will see a toggle switch that you have to turn oppositely to have the download process started. Once the button has turned green, it means that downloading is already in process.
  4. If you are now seeing a green button with an arrow facing downwards inside it right next to each track, it only means that they are already downloaded and can now be streamed offline.

Part 3. Free Download Spotify Playlist Without Premium

As was mentioned a while ago, you can only download songs in a Premium account. So, there is no way that you can free download Spotify playlist unless you are to use a third-party application that can help you with it. The most reliable tool that can help you free download Spotify playlist is TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter. This music converter is the perfect converter that can help you stream all of your favorite tracks and albums on Spotify. To learn more about TuneSolo, let us have a discussion of its key features.

Try It Free Try It Free

Star Features Of TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter

Download Spotify Music

Tunesolo Spotify Music Converter can assist you in saving all of your favorite tracks and albums from Spotify. Consider this as a great advantage because this feature is intended to be experienced by the Premium users alone.

Convert Spotify Music Into Other Audio Formats

With the help of TuneSolo, the tracks could be made portable. This music converter can convert the songs in other formats including MP3, WAV, FLAC, and AAC. These output formats are all playable on multiple devices.

Offline Playback

Once the songs are downloaded to your used device, you can listen to them anytime and anywhere you want. Problems regarding internet connection and signal would not worry you anymore.

Fast Speed Of Conversion

TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter can finish the whole process in up to 5x speed of conversion. This is much quicker than the usual speed of conversion and download.

Preserves ID3 Tags And Metadata Info

The Metadata info and ID3 tags of songs are both important details that play a big role in identifying Spotify songs. Fortunately, TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter can keep all these significant details which include the title, artist name, album’s name, and artwork.

Music File Organization

TuneSolo has also given the users the opportunity to organize their own music library according to what kind of arrangement they think will work the best for them. Examples of the categories that can be used could be by album, by artist, by year, or by genre.

Free Updates And Help From The Technical Support Team

Users of TuneSolo can all update their own version of the app for free whenever there is a new update released in the market. You can also ask for the help of the technical support team if a problem was encountered in the middle of the process.

Steps On How To Convert Spotify To MP3 Using TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter

Step 1. Download And Launch TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter

Let us start with downloading the application of TuneSolo through its official website. Another way is by searching it on the application store of your device. After the successful download, you have to install and launch it as well.

Try It Free Try It Free

Step 2. Upload Spotify Files To TuneSolo

Now, just wait for a few minutes until your library was completely recognized by the TuneSolo app. After that, start uploading the songs by simply copying and pasting the link of Spotify files into the music converter. Another way is by dragging the songs from your library and then dropping them into TuneSolo.

Choose the Music Tracks

Step 3. Choose The Output Format Of Songs

From all the mentioned output formats available in TuneSolo, select MP3 format as the end format of the songs. You will also need to choose an output folder as well for the end location of the converted files.

Select the Output Format

Step 4. Click The “Convert All” Button

Once the songs are uploaded and the output format was chosen already as well, you may now click the “Convert All” button to officially have the process of conversion started.

Start the Process of Converting

Step 5. Get The Successfully Converted Songs

After the conversion process, you may now be able to get and save all the completely converted Spotify songs on your device forever.

Using TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter is the most effective method that you can use to free download Spotify playlist and albums. You can play the tracks on any device of your choice and as frequently as you want without any restrictions in between.


After learning the vital things about how Spotify Free and Spotify Premium differ, can you say that the paid amount of money is worth the service, or is it better to continue streaming for free and bear with the limitations involved? In whatever answer or reason, you have, I hope the factors and comparison I discussed helped you a lot in landing a decision.

But if you want to free download Spotify playlist and be able to experience the same service a Premium user enjoys, I would recommend using TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter. It has everything you need to free download Spotify playlist and all other Spotify content if you wish to.