SoundCloud vs. Spotify

Written By Pauline Mendoza

Last updated:January 10, 2024

SoundCloud vs. Spotify is as exciting as a primetime boxing match. The comparison is so close that you might not know just on its face who has the edge. However, the essential factor is the entertainment quality and contentment of users.

Given this colossal matchup, it is worth knowing the advantages and disadvantages of every platform, and we will learn those later. Just hearing the idea of having these two front-running platforms go at each other could be very exciting, especially for the avid users. Let us go deeper into this matchup and understand the dynamics as we are about to know the winner of the battle of the music titans, SoundCloud vs. Spotify.

SoundCloud vs. Spotify

Article Content Part 1. Which is better, SoundCloud or Spotify: Basic OverviewPart 2. SoundCloud vs. Spotify: Detailed Comparison Part 3. SoundCloud vs. Spotify: Pros and ConsPart 4. How to Get Spotify without Premium? Part 5. Verdict: What is the Best Music Streaming Service?

Part 1. Which is better, SoundCloud or Spotify: Basic Overview

A basic overview of the characteristics and capabilities of both SoundCloud and Spotify should be in order. The summary would surely help create a baseline specifically in initially gauging who could be the frontrunner in the battle of SoundCloud vs. Spotify.

To start, Spotify is one of the largest and strongest digital platforms for music streaming. Spotify could answer your mood and as to what genre you are hooked. The wide and deep music database is the hallmark of Spotify's service. With this characteristic, Spotify could cater to everyone's music needs.

On the other hand, SoundCloud is also a popular platform providing entertainment to a diverse clientele. SoundCloud gives you a wide variety of choices as well. The availability of popular music and some rare and original mixes could be mouthwatering for music lovers. To add, SoundCloud also allows you to listen to the radio station with the same songs as what you like.

Both Spotify and SoundCloud have their advantages and cool features. A music lover should be able to identify the component that comes within their preference.

Part 2. SoundCloud vs. Spotify: Detailed Comparison

This part is where we delve into the deeper portions as we unveil a detailed comparison between SoundCloud and Spotify. A detailed comparison brings us closer to both platforms as we identify who has the edge in SoundCloud vs. Spotify.

Let us go into several crucial factors concerning both platforms' services.

Data Usage

Data usage is an essential factor knowing that this affects the application's performance concerning your internet connection and device, but this goes on to affect your whole experience as well.

Spotify's data usage is relatively high at around 40MB per hour with lossless music at 320 kbps, AAC. The high data usage translates to high music quality, making Spotify's music top of the line.

SoundCloud has a lower data usage. SoundCloud offers a single audio quality at 128 kbps. The audio quality of SoundCloud clearly shows a lower data usage. However, SoundCloud has a lower audio quality compared to that of Spotify.

Audio Quality

As mentioned earlier, there is a significant difference in the data usage of both platforms, with Spotify having a higher data usage. Data usage could be the baseline for audio quality. With Spotify's audio quality at 320 kbps, while SoundCloud has an audio rate of 128 kbps, we can understand just by looking at the figures that Spotify's audio quality is higher.


The compatibility of these platforms also comes as a significant factor, given that accessibility is essential for these digital media products. Generally, both SoundCloud and Spotify are accessible and compatible with almost all common platforms.

Spotify is compatible with Android iOS, smartphones, MAC, Personal Computers, and game consoles. Spotify is also available through web browsers which makes it incredibly accessible.

SoundCloud, on the other hand, has two mobile applications. The main SoundCloud application is geared for streaming and sharing, while SoundCloud Pulse is intended for Android and iOS. SoundCloud is also compatible with MAC, Windows, and Xbox.


The amount of cash you have to shell out could be an essential factor in determining the winner of SoundCloud vs. Spotify.

Spotify Premium has a standard price of $ 9.99/ month for a beautiful music streaming experience. SoundCloud has SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+ priced at $ 4.99/month and $ 9.99/month, respectively. It is also essential to know that both platforms have free versions with limited access.

Part 3. SoundCloud vs. Spotify: Pros and Cons

We already learned the vital features of both giant platforms and went into their fundamental disadvantages as well. Knowing the summary of the pros and cons of both SoundCloud and Spotify is essential in the battle of SoundCloud vs. Spotify.

Pros of Spotify

Spotify's colossal music collection is an advantage for them, wherein a Spotify Premium user would have unlimited access. Spotify's curated playlists give it an edge, wherein a user can continuously find new music. A bonus for Spotify is the artist-related content where interviews and bios are available for users.

Pros of SoundCloud

SoundCloud's artist subscriptions are an excellent tool for users to use in following their favorite artists. Another advantage of SoundCloud is its recommendations, wherein your listening behavior determines the links provided. The explore tab of SoundCloud offers access to new music as well regularly.

Cons of Spotify

Spotify has a few disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is a load of advertisements in its free version. Also, Spotify does not have a Siri integration and is limited in the song lyrics department.

Cons of SoundCloud

One of the most telling problems in SoundCloud is its bugs. The website of SoundCloud is not maintained correctly, resulting in several problems. As mentioned earlier, the audio quality of SoundCloud is poor when comparing it with other music streaming platforms.

Part 4. How to Get Spotify without Premium?

Generally, you can use Spotify for free. However, this feature comes with many advertisements and has limited access. If you want to gain an uninterrupted listening experience with more access, you can get Spotify Premium. This part is where you may ask if you can get Spotify files without a Premium subscription.

First of all, Spotify music files have DRM protection. This protection makes these files challenging to access on other devices and platforms. The DRM protection would need to be removed and decrypted by a Spotify Music Converter.

TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter is one of the most robust converters in the digital space. With TuneSolo, you can convert the files into standard formats, which would make these files more accessible. The conversion would also be lossless. TuneSolo also offers free technical support for your problems in conversion and using the application.

Try It Free Try It Free

To be able to get Spotify without a premium, you may follow these steps in conversion using TuneSolo:

Step 1. Open the TuneSolo Application.

Step 2. Copy and Paste the song link or drag the files to add one or more tracks.

Import the Music Tracks

Step 3. Choose the output format and click "Convert" to start the conversion process.

Start the Process of Converting

Step 4. After the conversion, click on "View Output File" to get your converted files.

With just these few easy steps, you may be able to play Spotify music without a premium on any device and platform.

Part 5. Verdict: What is the Best Music Streaming Service?

We now have come to the part where we have to choose the best music streaming service and the winner of the battle known as SoundCloud vs. Spotify.

After determining all the distinguishing factors related to both platforms, it may be determined that Spotify has more advantages and fewer disadvantages. Spotify also has a considerable following of paying subscribers. The quality of music also goes to Spotify, as well as the availability of music files.

Spotify dominates the market and creates opportunities for its products using diversified strategies and ensuring quality. Undoubtedly, Spotify checked most of the list of qualifications to become the best music streaming service.

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