Best Five Spotify to MP3 Converter Online & Free in 2024

Written By Pauline Mendoza

Last updated:January 9, 2024

Most Spotify Music lovers are looking forward to having their favorite songs playable in all the audio players that they currently have. But actually, in real life, there are so many possibilities of encountering issues in making this thing possible.

Spotify songs are protected by DRM making them not accessible on a lot of devices. So, it would be best if the songs are converted to an audio format that is playable in almost all music players, and this audio format is no other than the MP3 format.

Most of us, as well, would love to use a Spotify to MP3 Converter online that is free of charge. And luckily, there are some free online converters over the net that are reliable and very skilled when it comes to converting the songs into MP3 format. Let us have a deeper explanation of each converter through the help of the next sections.

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Part 1. Best 6 Spotify to MP3 Converters for Free Online

If you open your browser and then search about Spotify to MP3 Converter online, you would surely be given a lot of results, some are familiar but some are not. Of course, you cannot just use the online converter results the internet gave you; you must know first what this converter has or what this converter can do for you.

Well, if your problem is about the details, I have here my five recommended Spotify to MP3 Converter online which you can totally use for free.


One of the most recommended Spotify to MP3 Converter online is” Deezify” or also known as “Chrome Deezify”. This application is actually an extension of Chrome and is very skilled in downloading and converting your most-loved songs and playlists from your most used music streaming platforms. The songs that you have downloaded and converted can be saved already in MP3 format through the help of Chrome Deezify.

Having them saved in MP3 audio format is an advantage for you because there will be no chances for you to experience the restrictions and limitations in playing your favorites. One of the main pros of using Chrome Deezify is that you will not be required any amount in order to use this converter.

This online converter is totally free and literally, no subscription needed. Another one on the list is its capability to download the MP3 song files in the fastest way possible.


Here are the steps that you can use as your guidelines in using this Spotify to MP3 Converter online.

Step 1. Open your Chrome browser and take a look at the Location bar. From there, select “Tools” and then “Extensions”. After doing so, click on “Chrome Web Store”.

Step 2. Now that you are directed to the “Chrome Web Store”, search for Deezify then have it installed in your Chrome browser after landing on it.

Step 3. Right after that, try on playing some of your favorite Spotify songs on your browser. Deezify will automatically be on the move and start reading the songs that are playing. Deezify will then begin converting the Spotify songs into MP3 format files. You will then be able to save them already in MP3 format.

My last recommendation of Spotify to MP3 Converter online for free is the This application is actually a very versatile one for being capable of doing a lot of conversion procedures. However, in this section, we will just focus on the conversion to MP3 format.

One great thing about is that aside from it being free of charge in use, it can give you a hundred percent good quality songs as well. The only thing that you have to do is to upload the files by using Dropbox, Google Drive, or by entering the URL. And after that, you can just leave everything to But if you want to modify the settings of the conversion to happen, you are also free of doing it. You can change the audio bitrate, the sampling rate, and also audio channels.
Spotify to MP3 Converter Online & Free

Here is the list of the more detailed steps in using the Spotify to MP3 Converter online.

Step 1. Upload the song files that you want to convert. I just recently discussed the methods that you can use in uploading the audio files.

Step 2. You can modify the settings of the songs if you want to. The set of variables that you would like to change were already given as well. You only have to choose from the options provided.

Step 3. After doing so, you may now click on the button “Start Conversion” in order to have the conversion process started.


SpotifyMate is a free online conversion tool. It is compatible with a variety of devices and operating systems, whether you are using a Windows PC, Mac, or even a mobile device. It can download and convert Spotify music to MP3 format by analyzing the links of Spotify singles and playlists. Therefore, you just need to copy the link of the Spotify song to start converting Spotify songs to MP3.Spotify to MP3 Converter Online & Free

Here are the specific steps to use it:

Step 1. Open the SpotifyMate interface on your mobile or computer.

Step 2. Copy the URL link you want to download the converted song.

Step 3. Paste the copied link into the SpotifyMate interface and click "Download". SpotifyMate will download the song you pasted.


Soundloaders is a free Spotify to mp3 converter tool that allows you to download every Spotify song to MP3 file. You can access it through desktop and browser to convert your favorite Spotify songs into downloadable audio files for offline playback on other devices.Spotify to MP3 Converter Online & Free


SpotiFlyer is an application specially designed for streaming platforms such as Spotify and Youtube. The app works on Android, Winows, and Mac. It can download Spotify songs by removing DRM protection from Spotify songs, playlists, albums, etc. As long as you copy the shared link of the song to the download bar on the main interface of SpotiFlyer, you can convert and download Spotify songs.
Spotify to MP3 Converter Online & Free

Below is a how-to guide.

Step 1. Download and Launch the SpotiFlyer app on your Android device first

Step 2. Open your Spotify and Copy the URL link of the song that you want to download

Step 3. Return to SpotiFlyer. Paste the link into the search blank, then tap the "Search" btton

Step 4. When the song pops up, Click the "Download All" button to save the Spotify music.


Spotifydl is an iOS shortcut that provides iOS users with the ability to download and convert Spotify songs, albums, and playlists to suitable high-quality audio formats such as MP3, WAV, and other formats. Follow the steps below to start downloading your favorite music from Spotify and converting it to MP3 format.
Spotify to MP3 Converter Online & Free

Step 1. Install Spotifydl shortcut on iPhone

Step 2. Open the Spotify app, select the songs you want to convert, and copy the URL of the song to the Spotifydl shortcut

Step 3. In the Spotifydl shortcut interface, you can see the “URL of Spotify Playlist” window. Now you can paste the copied Spotify song URL into the window to select your desired music and press "OK" to start working.

Part 2. Unavailable Free Online Spotify to MP3 Converters

There are many kinds of free Spotify music converters, and for some reason, they were available before but are not available now, and some claim to be available but actually cannot help you convert Spotify music to MP3. The following three Spotify music converters have been suspended.

AllToMP3 (Currently off)

Next on the list is AllToMP3. This is also free software that is very skilled in converting your best-loved Spotify Music files and even files from YouTube, Deezer, and SoundCloud into MP3 format.

This online application for free will typically put an option saying “Convert to MP3” to the menu that will be displayed on your screen once the file type that you have right-clicked is compatible. With AllToMP3, you can have as well the best quality music that you would be satisfied with to save permanently on your device.

As was just mentioned, you can use AllToMP3 on a lot of music streaming platforms. AllToMP3 also has versions for Mac, Linux, and Windows. It can guarantee you as well a convenient and faster way of doing and finishing conversion procedures. But for some reasons, this converter has been discontinued.

An Spotify to MP3 Online Converter

Audials (Online Service Currently off)

Audials or Audials Music is also one of the best Spotify to MP3 Converter online. I have enumerated below its best features.

  1. You can have your own music library by permanently saving all the successfully recorded songs and playlists from Spotify and other music streaming services with the help of Audials Music.
  2. Retains important information such as the MetaData info and ID3 tags of songs.
  3. Automatically organizes and sorts the songs while they are being recorded.
  4. A powerful converter that can convert the recorded songs into any other audio format to make them accessible on a lot of devices. Some of the output formats Audials Music prepared for you include FLAC format, M4A, MP3, AAC, WMA, AIFF, CAF, AU, and WMA Pro.

But for some reason, the converter has stopped working, for reasons only insiders know. (Currently off)

Next on the list of Spotify to MP3 Converter online is This is also an online application that does not need extra software in doing its job of converting songs and playlists into other audio formats like MP3. One of the main pros of using this freeware is that it supports a lot of music streaming sites aside from Spotify, these other sites mentioned include Deezer, Youtube, Amazon Music, Tidal, and a lot more.

Here are the steps to do in using

Step 1. The first step that you must do is to click on your browser and then open the official website of and then click on the panel allotted for the Spotify application. This will then require you to sign in using your existing Spotify account.

Step 2. On your Spotify account, select one from the set of playlists you created. Deciding on the playlist will set the start of the MP3 conversion.

Step 3. The playlist will then be converted to MP3 format. Right next to the songs is a Download button. Just click on the download button to finally have them on your device and be able to play them freely and without any restrictions.

Part 2. What is The Professional Spotify to MP3 Converter?

We are so lucky enough to have Spotify to MP3 Converter online for free but we are so lucky as well because there is actually one best Spotify to MP3 Converter offline that we could rely on in having our Spotify favorites converted to MP3 format.

This is actually an advantage for you as well, because you won’t have the need to turn on your mobile data throughout the entire conversion process. Also, you won’t have to look for places that can give you a stable internet connection.

So, I am introducing you to the best Spotify to MP3 converter offline, “TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter”.

Features of TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter

Offline Listening

As everyone knows and has experienced, Spotify is not allowing the free users of the app to stream Spotify Music songs if they are offline, meaning that a stable WIFI connection or mobile data is strictly a necessity. But, through the help of “TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter”, all the users, including the free users up to the Premium users are all capable of offline listening.

Download And Conversion Function

“TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter” can also assist you in downloading the song files into your device permanently once the song files are converted into the output format that you wish to have. Some of the most popular audio formats TuneSolo has made available for you include the MP3 format, AAC, WAV, and FLAC format.

Songs Can Be Played In Almost All Devices

Since Spotify contents are encrypted by DRM, not all devices can be used in playing the songs. But with the help of “TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter”, this restriction could not be experienced anymore. Once the songs are converted and downloaded, you will now be able to play them on any device of your choice.

Ultra-Fast Conversion Speed

Everyone would prefer to use a tool that can give results in the fastest way it can. “TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter” can convert Spotify songs up to 5 times faster than the normal speed of conversion. A lot of your time could be saved from waiting.

High-Quality Songs

Just because “TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter” can do finish the job instantly doesn’t mean that the quality of the converted songs would be affected. For your information, “TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter” is very capable of giving you the best results that you could ever have.

Keeps ID3 Tags And MetaData Info

This notable music converter is also good in retaining all the most important information of the songs even undergoing the process of conversion. ID3 tags and MetaData info are all important for the identification of Spotify songs and “TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter” is very capable of keeping them.

Organize Your Own Library

Another good feature of “TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter” is that it enables its users to organize their own library. You can have them sorted by albums, by artists, or by any category you want them to be arranged. With this feature, a lot of time could be saved because you could easily locate your target song file instead of browsing all the songs in your music library one by one.

Free Updates And Technical Support

Once you have utilized “TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter”, you will then be entitled to free updates forever, meaning that you can get one whenever it is available. And also, you can always ask for the help of the technical support team whenever you encounter a problem in the middle of the process.Advantage of TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter

Now let's learn how to use this converter to convert Spotify music to MP3

Step 1. Just click the safe button below to download and install TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter.

Try It Free Try It Free

Step 2. Follow the "Copy and Paste or Drag and Add" method to import Spotify songs.Select the Spotify Tracks

Step 3. Set the desired output for "Output Format" and "Output Folder".Select the Output Format

Step 4. Click the "Convert All" button to start converting your Spotify songs.Start the Process of Conversion

Part 3. FAQs about Spotify to MP3 Converters Free Online

Q1: Is it legal to convert Spotify to MP3?

A1:Generally speaking, all songs on Spotify are protected by the DRM mechanism. Without obtaining the song copyright permission, you personally cannot convert Spotify songs to MP3, because this will violate copyright laws. But if you just want to convert Spotify songs to offline audio files for your personal collection or for self-listening, then ripping Spotify to MP3 audio files is absolutely legal.

Q2: What are the benefits of converting Spotify songs to MP3 format?

A2:There is no doubt that by converting Spotify songs to MP3 format, you can listen to the songs without subscribing to Spotify Premium, and you can also play Spotify songs on different devices without the need for an Internet connection.

Q3: Is there any free Spotify to MP3 converter for Android/iPhone?

A3:If you want to get MP3 Spotify music on Android, SpotiFlyer might be a good choice for you. But for free MP3 Spotify converter on iPhone, Spotifydl can help. However, both SpotiFlyer and Spotifydl have certain shortcomings. Therefore, it is best to use TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter, as this ensures that the quality and information of the songs are preserved during the conversion process.

Part 3. Conclusion

There were a lot of Spotify to MP3 Converter online that we can use in having our favorite Spotify songs converted to MP3. I have discussed the five most recommended converters which could give you the best results.

I have also here “TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter” in case you do not want to have your mobile data turned on every time you want to convert the songs. It is a reliable converter on having your favorite songs played offline. I do hope that the guidelines I have shared in the previous sections helped you a lot in obtaining your goal.

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