Deezer Vs. Spotify: Which Of The Two To Choose?

Written By Pauline Mendoza

Last updated:January 10, 2024

We will be talking about Deezer vs. Spotify. Music streaming services are already the standard for playing to tunes, as well as the options constantly now expanding. Probably two best-known streaming music services include Deezer as well as Spotify. However, they appear comparable, particularly throughout considerations of pricing as well as the notion that they mostly provide a free option, but vary in different areas.

Spotify has been the reigning king of the whole realm unless you're currently seeking great streaming music services. There were sometimes distinctions across Spotify as well as Deezer. They're basically streaming platforms featuring comparable features as well as entertainment. With the impending release of Spotify HiFi, just one significant distinction among both Deezer and Spotify would have been that Spotify was far from highly prominent.

That would be exactly what we have been going to discover. We'll examine just about all the distinctions seen between rival streaming apps to determine whichever one wins the Deezer vs. Spotify debate. Let's get started. And there are several other comparisons of Music streaming services, such as spotify and pandora, soundcloud and spotify, etc.

Deezer Vs. Spotify

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Part 1. An Overview of Deezer vs. Spotify

The online music business has been saturated by music applications which thus offer essentially the same functionality. Users tried both of either the market's leaders, Spotify as well as Deezer.

Spotify seems to be without a certain very well-known streaming platform. The Swedish firm had also built a name for itself by providing a large collection of music and a well-known smartphone application. This company's unique aesthetic seems to be likewise extremely vibrant. Because the rival was lagging throughout this area, this Spotify application drew a large number of users.

Spotify offers this than simple to find titles or perhaps artists, as well as thus offers access to hundreds of playlists produced by all its users. This offline playing system enables users to save a range of choices on your mobile device as well as subsequently play with these upon public transportation, such example. Spotify's main strengths are its simplicity of use as well as music discovery.

Deezer has 56 million tracks in its database. The smartphone app must have grown significantly since its inception and therefore is based on about the same paradigm as Spotify. It's simple to manage, as well as the premium version gives you higher quality sound as well as no advertisements. Furthermore, contrary to Spotify, Deezer offers introduced a Deezer HiFi feature since around September 2017, allowing users to stream in true CD resolution.

FLAC has almost 36 million tracks accessible. Deezer's greatest strength would be its large repertoire but also well-designed mobile application. Further customization alternatives are open with the Deezer Premium membership. You may, for example, generate playlists as well as utilize the Flow tool to generate a playlist depending on the music you listen to.

Part 2. Comparison between Deezer vs. Spotify


Both the Deezer as well as Spotify offer an area specialized to podcasts.

Deezer's Entertainment area offers a plethora of events as well as all of those main traditional radio services' broadcasts. Please keep in mind these podcasts are now only accessible here on the Deezer website.

Spotify additionally offers a large selection of podcasts, as well as its collection, was indeed constantly expanding. Radio broadcasting, as well as independent programming, are however available on the Swedish site.


How about the music recommendation of Deezer vs. Spotify? Both Deezer, as well as Spotify, provide alternatives for consumers to obtain based on users' suggestions. With Deezer, such function is also known as Flow - "an infinite mix combining your personal favorites as well as great discovers." Once you tap all over its banner, you will be led to a song list that has been produced specifically for you. The suggested tracks are chosen depending on your frequent consumption, not just whether you enjoy music, as well as your style but also artist selections whenever you established your profile.

Using Spotify, the suggestions have been organized across playlists, all of which reflect a distinct kind of songs one which you listening frequently. Those playlists were also known as Daily Mix, as well as the greater you have used the app, the further suggestions you will receive. Daily Mixes has the benefit of allowing you to preview each playlist's material prior to actually listening to it, something Deezer does not allow. Whenever you wanted to find that much more tracks head to the Browse All area, again to the Discover and otherwise new section. As more than just a result, when it comes to new discoveries, we prefer Spotify. It is indeed a lot of fun to look around the web for new musicians to listened to.


Yet another point seems to be undeniable: both two systems provide a plethora of options! Deezer's collection comprises 56 million titles, whereas Spotify's catalog contains 70 million. This is important to understand that each catalog varies differently based on the nation you're in, and do not be shocked when you can't get all of the titles throughout your music tracks whenever traveling overseas.


Let’s talk about the interface of Deezer vs. Spotify. Deezer seems to be a website, whereas Spotify seems to be a piece of application. You should have an identity on whichever devices you intend to do this on; anything you create with all the music files would be stored solely within your user. With mobile phones, these apps function correspondingly: you select a track, listen to that as well, and just go forward onto the subsequent one. You may, after obviously, make your custom lists, modify those, as well as listen to them anytime you like.

Spotify's UI uses dark and green hues, whereas Deezer uses a striking contrast. Spotify has a somewhat different UI regardless of whether you're a paid or non-paid subscriber.

These services were provided online as well as apps across Windows, Macs, iPhone, as well as android. This Deezer app seems likely to be more enjoyable to manage than Spotify due to its simple design. This left-hand menu contains four choices: Shows, Favorites, Music, and then Browse. Since you like, you may enable Dark Mode within Deezer by going to the Account symbol and then sliding into Dark Mode.

These two apps are generally similar primarily in that they provide quick and easy access to some of the major significant application features, such as browsing for songs/artists as well as viewing playlists. Playback features simple and easy; nevertheless, Deezer's freemium edition compels the users to simply play the music at randomized.


Let’s talk about audio quality in this Deezer vs. Spotify debate. One greatest difference between Deezer as well as Spotify has always been sound quality, however, in mid-2021, Spotify reveals a new Spotify HiFi premium, which would be available afterward that same year. As such soon since you paid with Deezer HiFi, Deezer now also offers a HiFi option that playing pristine FLAC tracks only at 16-bit/44.1kHz. Deezer's affordable streaming quality through MP3 files has been limited to 128kbps, whereas Deezer premia include 320kbps. You may even get music files within whichever of the above audio options. You may change your sound quality performance options at whatever moment as well as even arrange these only play and otherwise download specific quality kinds over Wi-Fi rather than data.

It's helpful since playing and saving FLAC tracks consumes a significant amount of memory as well as storage capacity. Remember that maybe if you really want the full advantages of Deezer HiFi sound quality, you'll have to have a good pair of professional speakers or headphones. The earphones will not suffice.

Spotify presently offers solely highly compressed file formats, AAC as well as Ogg Vorbis. Spotify's regular sound quality has been limited to 160kbps, whereas Spotify Premium's highest possible quality was 320kbps, which has been similar to Deezer Premium. Using Spotify, you may toggle between playing as well as download resolution at whichever point, and then you may limit downloads with Wi-Fi connectivity only. Once Spotify HiFi is released, this will have 16-bit pristine audio. This business has said explicitly that perhaps the initial distribution would be restricted to particular locations. Spotify HiFi would put Spotify in such a better position to compete with lossless providers also including Tidal HiFi as well as Qobuz.

Respectively Spotify, as well as Deezer, feature customizable EQ settings, allowing users to tailor the audio style of their listening to suit their preferences.


Now, let’s talk about Deezer vs. Spotify on pricing and plans. Similarly, Spotify, as well as Deezer, offers a basic subscription having about similar limits. With the exception of some select playlists, you could solely listen into the random mode, bypass six songs each hour, then you could stream music for offline playing. Nevertheless, there seems to be a minor variation regarding sound quality between Deezer versus Spotify, having 128kbps on Deezer against 160kbps on Spotify.

Once it pertains to considering the premium package, the 2 providers have a lot in common. Mostly in the United States, they provide a standard membership for $9.99 a month, or perhaps even $4.99 for students. With $15.99, you can choose a family package that thus covers up to six users.

Deezer, on the other hand, enables users to purchase a year membership in advance, saves you roughly $30. The above essentially implies you're receiving 2 months totally free. A yearly subscription fee is $89.91, however, subscribing monthly saves you $119.88 over the duration of the period.

Deezer additionally provides a HiFi package with higher sound quality. This will cost you $14.99 each monthly. Spotify, on the same contrary side, does indeed have a program named Duo Premium through its roster that is particularly geared towards couples. This costs $12.99 as well as provides you accessibility with 2 domains.

Part 3. Best Tool to Download Spotify Music

Spotify freemium profiles may keep on playing every tune forward with tunes as much as before they are connected to the online. Such an offline playing feature would be only available with a paid membership. Fortunately, there are indeed a number of third-party apps offered for obtaining Spotify tracks even without the requirement for such a Premium membership.

TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter itself has evolved into a fascinating converter that transforms tunes at lightning speed. Combined download and conversion activities could be accelerated around 16 times. TuneSolo enables mass conversion, allowing users to rapidly and effectively download music. The instructions below should teach you the way to effortlessly download songs from Spotify. The nicest aspect being that you'd get Spotify music for offline listening even unless you didn't have a Spotify Premium account.

Try It Free Try It Free

Like an outcome, the processes for obtaining Spotify tracks via TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter have been outlined beneath:

Choose the Spotify Music Tracks

Select Output Format

Start the Process of Converting


We have talked about Deezer vs. Spotify. Spotify as well as Deezer have become so similar yet it is indeed difficult to distinguish between them. As little more than a result, the decision is primarily influenced by your own preferences. The above article discusses what these other systems have had to provide their consumers, that we provide information on both Deezer vs. Spotify.

Generally, Deezer vs Spotify must be on a similar basis in terms of the volume of music accessible, the diversity of material offered, as well as the simplicity of being used, both of which are critical towards your audio playing experiences. The remainder comes entirely on your particular taste. We hope that the comparing of both platforms can help you decide which one you really want to use. We hope you could choose the best for your music preferences. Have a wonderful and productive day!

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