Apple Music Unlimited Downloads [2024 Complete Guide]

Written By Pauline Mendoza

Last updated:January 9, 2024

Upon researching Apple Music, you’ll find that they offer a catalog of over 60 million songs from different artists. They also promise to allow you to download a lot of songs, probably more than what you can listen to in a year.

In other words, you’re technically able to get Apple Music unlimited downloads, as long as you are paying for a subscription, but they actually leave the most important detail out, and that’s what we will talk about today.

This article will help you understand why many people are becoming frustrated of this software and why the term “Apple Music unlimited downloads” isn’t true.

Article Content Part 1. FAQs about Apple Music Download LimitPart 2. How to Get Apple Music Unlimited Downloads?Part 3. Conclusion

Part 1. FAQs about Apple Music Download Limit

Can I download songs for free with Apple Music subscription?

Apple Music operates on a subscription-based model, requiring a subscription for access to its music library, including the ability to download songs. Subscribers gain the privilege of streaming over 100 million songs online. Moreover, the subscription allows users to download music for offline listening. Once downloaded, you can savor the offline music experience through either the Apple Music app or iTunes.

Does Apple Music have a limit on downloads?

Yes, to be precise, you can download up to 100,000 songs from the Apple Music platform. You won't hit the 100,000 limit unless you're doing it for your career and not for personal matters.

So technically you can download all the songs you want and still have extra space. Plus, if you no longer have space on one of your devices, the songs can be synced to other devices.

What will happen after canceling Apple Music plan?

The answer to this is quite simple; Your downloaded Apple songs will no longer be available to you. This can be of many forms; the following are just two of the examples reported by a lot of users:

So technically, you can download all the songs you want and still have extra space. Additionally, these songs can be synced to other devices if one of your devices no longer has space.

Why did my Apple Music disappear?

The reason why the Apple Music files have disappeared from your library, or at least not available anymore, is because of Digital Rights Management or DRM.

DRM is a protection measure that makes sure that users won’t be able to distribute the DRM-protected files freely. That means even while the subscription is active, you won’t be able to share them with anyone.

The fact that you lose the titles from your library is just one of the consequences of having the DRM protection on the Apple Music files.

Part 2. How to Get Apple Music Unlimited Downloads?

By now, it should be quite apparent that Apple Music unlimited downloads is, unfortunately, just an illusion. On the other hand, there’s a method that will allow you to access Apple Music free and even download countless songs without risks or catch.

TuneSolo Apple Music Converter, as the name suggests, is a tool that has the ability to convert Apple Music. However, what we’re after is its ability to remove the DRM protection, effectively allowing you to do whatever you want to the songs and make it permanently accessible.

Below are some of the features that you might like about this software:

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Now that you have an idea what we’re dealing with, let’s find out how you can get these Apple Music unlimited downloads through this software:

Step 1. Select Apple Music Titles

Open the converter on your computer. Ensure that iTunes is currently installed on your computer. On the first screen you’ll see, there will be a list. Select the Apple Music titles that you want to download in this list.

Choose the Apple Music

Step 2. Change Output Settings

Below the list of titles, you will see multiple dropdown menus. Click on these menus and select the option that you like for Format, Codec, Quality, and more.

Change the Output Settings

Step 3. Convert Apple Music

After you have set up the output, click Convert from the bottom of the window. This will begin the conversion process. Wait until the process is over and check if you converted it properly.

Tip: Please make sure that Apple Music/iTunes is closed before opening Apple Music Converter. And during the song conversion, please do not do any operation on Apple Music/iTunes.

Convert Apple Music

Part 3. Conclusion

If you’re a loyal subscriber of Apple, you probably didn’t have any reason to find out about Apple Music unlimited downloads. After all, this privilege was given to you and it won’t be taken from you until you cancel your subscription.

However, it won’t last forever. You’ll eventually end up forgetting to pay for the subscription. If you don’t want to lose the titles that you’ve collected for the last couple of years, this guide has probably helped you a lot, so don’t forget to share it with others.

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