Reading books is no longer the usual practice nowadays since Audiobooks have been introduced to the public. If you love reading books but you are always do some things that won’t let you read books literally, then surely, listening to audiobooks would be a good option for you.

But what if your device can’t play a certain audiobook, are you aware that you can use audiobook converters to have those streamed?

There are a lot of people at present who love listening to audiobooks rather than reading books. Apart from saving some space in your bag, you can also protect your eyes while in a ride going to work or to school. The same with music, you can listen to any audiobook even if you are doing some other things such as cleaning your room or washing the dishes.

In this blog post, the focus would be more on audiobooks and the best audiobook converters that users can fully utilize anytime they want to. So, let us begin!

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Part 1. Why We Need An Audiobook Converter

It is true that listening to audiobooks can let the users experience more perks. For some people, streaming to music is a relaxing habit and for story lovers, listening to audiobooks feels the same.

But it is surely a hassle and it feels to irritating in case your favorite audiobooks are unplayable on the device or mobile phone you have. What could be the best thing to do? In such cases, the recommendation is to rely on trusted audiobook converters.

Here are some reasons why users are looking for reliable audiobook converters.

  • Most audiobooks that can be downloaded are in a format that is protected by DRM protection. This is hindering the users from keeping the audiobooks playing in some unauthorized devices.
  • There are audiobook formats that are not supported by most media players.
  • Though you have a subscription on audiobook sites, it would be difficult to share those audiobooks you downloaded and love to your friends or family members.
  • If the device you are currently using in streaming audiobooks suddenly got broken and the other devices you have cannot play those, then a need for audiobook converter is a must in order to have those played on any player.

In order to have the above dilemmas solved, we have prepared a list of the best audiobook converters that anyone can use anytime they want to. And, those are to be presented in the next part of this article.

Part 2. Top 3 Audiobook Converters for iTunes or Audible Audiobooks

By using the power of the web, you can immediately see a bunch of options available wherein you can choose from in order to convert your most loved audiobooks from one format to another (that is playable in almost all media players). Here, we have the top 3 audiobook converters that you can fully utilize in order to transform the iTunes or Audible audiobooks you have.

TuneSolo Apple Music Converter

One of the best and most trusted audiobook converters in town is this TuneSolo Apple Music Converter. This is a professional software application that lets one transform an audiobook from its original format to another supported format like MP3. During the process of conversion, the DRM (Digital Rights Management) is being removed letting the user enjoy unlimited sharing of files to friends and even streaming on any gadgets or media players they have. While using the TuneSolo Apple Music Converter, you can enjoy the following:

  • Customization of the output file’s name and formats such as the title, the name of the artist, the album name, and more.
  • Fast conversion speed taking only three minutes.
  • The ability to handle numerous conversion processes one-time.
  • Can convert audiobooks to formats supported including M4B, AA, or AAX files.
  • The interface is too friendly simple to understand.
  • Few requirements are needed to have the tool installed.
  • And, easy conversion steps.

How can you use this TuneSolo Apple Music Converter in converting your audiobooks to another format desired? Below is the procedure to follow.

  1. Installation of TuneSolo Apple Music Converter
  2. Adding of audiobooks onto the platform.
  3. Choosing the output format and conversion.

The above three are easy to understand and do but for some beginners who are in the look for detailed descriptions, here are those.

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Step #1. Installation Of TuneSolo Apple Music Converter

Since TuneSolo Apple Music Converter only requires simple and few things, you can have the software installed on your personal computer immediately. This is supported by many operating systems. Thus, installation is usually supported. Once the installation has been completed, make sure to launch it to start the process of conversion.

TuneSolo Apple Music Converter

Step #2. Adding Of Audiobooks Onto The Platform

Upon launching, you can now add the audiobooks to convert onto the platform. You can process more than one file if you want. You can simply drag and drop the files and those would automatically be imported.

Add Audiobooks to the Converter

Step #3. Choosing The Output Format And Conversion

Since the tool can support numerous formats, upon adding the audiobooks, you can choose which output format those will be transformed to. You can also some other output information if you desire to. Once this has been completed, you can simply tick the “Convert” button to finally begin the conversion process.

After some minutes, the files will be transformed and saved on your personal computer. You can now stream those and even share them with others!

Convert Audiobooks

TunesKit Audiobook Converter

Another good converter is this TunesKit Audiobook Converter. This is as well being used by a lot of users nowadays due to its capability when it comes to conversion. Here are some things that you need to know about TunesKit Audiobook Converter.


  • This is supported by both Windows and Mac computers can.
  • It can also remove the DRM protection of purchased audiobooks.
  • This supports audiobook formats such as MP3, M4B, WAV, AAC, M4A, and even FLAC at a speed of about thirty times faster.


  • The price that you need to pay in order to have this installed is a bit huge, approximately 40 USD.

TunesKit Audiobook Converter

Epubor Audible Converter

Epubor Audible Converter can also be a good option if you wish to convert your Audiobooks to another format. Many users have been saying that this is as well a good tool. Here is some information about this tool that can be useful in case you are doing some comparison and contrast.

  • The tool also supports DRM removal.
  • It also has a fast conversion speed (approximately sixty times faster than the others).
  • It has an easy interface that can be navigated by any user.
  • The quality of audiobooks converted is preserved.
  • In case you are converting large audiobooks, the tool can split those in several chapters.
  • iTunes or Audible authentication is not needed.
  • Supports several output formats.
  • The price is a bit cheaper compared to others.

The above three are the most used professional audiobook converters in town. If you are looking for some online options, we also have a recommendation for you.

Epubor Audible Converter

Part 3. Online Audiobook Converters That You Can Use

For some, the use of online tools is much convenient. Apart from the removal of the hassle when it comes to installation, the users do not need to pay a certain fee in order to proceed (since most online converters are free of use as long as a stable internet connection is present). The only drawback is that a need for internet connection must be present. Also, the user must be keen enough in choosing the tool to use as there are some that can cause viruses and malware.

One of the most used online audiobook converters is This can be accessed in any web browser and the processes needed to be completed to proceed with conversion are simple. In using this, you can add audiobooks from your computer, from online storage clouds such as Dropbox and Google Drive, or even paste the URL of audiobooks. You will just simply choose the output format and proceed with the conversion.

The only disadvantage in using this one is that you have a limitation of 100 MB file size to process. You cannot convert more than this file size. So, if you are only looking at a small audiobook file, using could work for you.

Part 4. What is The Best Audiobook Converters

There are indeed several audiobook converters that any user can utilize. However, the best we recommend is this TuneSolo Apple Music Converter. You can surely enjoy a lot of perks while getting the conversion output that you want. Well, online tools can also be useful but remember that conversion limitations are always present.

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