1.What is TuneSolo Youtube Music Converter?

TuneSolo Youtube Music Converter is a tool that helps you download YouTube Music or music videos to local MP3 files without quality loss for enjoyable offline playback anytime and anywhere.

2. Does my computer support TuneSolo Youtube Music Converter?

TuneSolo Youtube Music Converter is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Users can download the version that is appropriate for their device.

3. How to get license key to activate the registered version?

When you purchase TuneSolo YouTube Music Converter, you will be asked to enter your email address, and the license key will be sent to your mailbox after billing (the email may remain in the spam section, please check carefully).

4. What is the conversion speed supported by TuneSolo Youtube Music Converter?

TuneSolo Audible Converter utilises advanced conversion technology to convert Youtube songs at a speed of 10x. However, the actual conversion speed may vary depending on factors such as the length of the track, the quality of the original file, and the processing power of your computer.

5.How to activate TuneSolo Youtube Music Converter?

When you launch TuneSolo Youtube Music Converter, a window will pop up a prompt asking you to enter your licensing email and license key to activate it. You can enter your email address and the license key you received into the boxes, then click "Activate" to complete the activation.

6. Do I need to subscribe to YouTube Music premium before using TuneSolo YouTube Music Converter?

Even if you are using the free account, you can still log in to TuneSolo YouTube Music Converter and use its download feature to save any music offline.

7. What are the limitations of a free trial version?

You can try TuneSolo Youtube Music Converter for free for 15 days. However, the trial version of TuneSolo Audible Converter only allows you to convert first 3 minutes of each YouTube song.

8. What about the sound quality for the converted Audible books?

TuneSolo Youtube Music Converter can convert audiobooks at 10X speed without compromising the original lossless quality. This ensures that you receive high-quality audio files after conversion.

9. Is it safe to use TuneSolo Youtube Music Converter?

TuneSolo Youtube Music Converter is a safe and reliable software developed by a professional team using advanced technology. It is 100% secure, and you can use it with confidence.

10. Can I use the license key on more computers?

No, each license key can only activate one device. If you want to use TuneSolo YouTube Music Converter on multiple devices, you must purchase additional license keys for each device.