Can I share Apple Music with family via the Apple Music application?

The Apple Music application is one of the best music streaming platforms that are offering great perks to its users. Launched in 2015, it already gained millions of subscribers all around the globe because the public had also seen how awesome the application is in offering a good streaming experience to its users. One good feature that we can actually enjoy using the mentioned app is this Apple Music family sharing. Many have seen the advantages of utilizing this feature.

For those Apple Music subscribers who are not aware that the Apple Music app is offering a family plan (apart from the individual plan), knowing the whole procedure on how to avail it would surely matter. If all your family members are into good music and would like to use only one platform for streaming, subscribing to Apple Music’s family plan is definitely a good decision.

However, there are reported cases that Apple family sharing problems usually exist. Thus, hindering most listeners from getting the plan. If you are wondering how this can be solved and how to share Apple Music playlist with family members and friends, we will be dealing with those as we go along this article. But, before we proceed to those methods or procedures, it would fun to know some more details about this Apple Music family sharing feature and the advantages of availing of it. Those would be discussed in the first two portions of this post. If you are already aware of these things and excited to find out how to share Apple Music playlist, then you are free to skip to the third part.

Article Content Part 1. What is Apple Music Family Plan?Part 2. Can You Add Someone to Your Apple Music?Part 3. How to Share Apple Music with Family?Part 4. Conclusion

Part 1. What is Apple Music Family Plan?

Many users who have tried comparing the Apple Music Family plan to others have mentioned and concluded that indeed, it is one of the best perks a music listener could ever get. In order to avail of this plan, the user needs to pay 14.99 USD, and a family with six members can enjoy all the Apple Music application’s features already. This is much cheaper compared to getting an individual plan for each member (at 9.99 USD each). Via this feature, the Apple Music Family plan, all family members can enjoy sharing even purchases from the app store, iTunes, electronic books, and of course Apple Music albums and playlists. This is a good option for a family with members who are inclined to music but do not have the ability to pay for their own subscription fee.

For added information, in order to enjoy this Apple Music Family plan, there are some things that must be taken into consideration. You need to take a look at these items before proceeding so as to avoid any Apple family sharing problems going forward.

  • There would be a need to create a Family Sharing group. If you are the one to do this, once you have created the group, you need to invite all your family members to join.
  • You must keep in mind that the family plan can accommodate only six family members. There is no need for you to share your ID in case you want to share digital content with your family members. The sharing of content has been made easier and more efficient through the help of this Apple Music Family plan.
  • There is nothing to worry about in case you would like to keep some private purchases from the other members as you can also hide those from them.
  • Location sharing is also possible. For parents, this could be a good option in case they want to track where their children are at.

Apple Music Family plan

Part 2. Can You Add Someone to Your Apple Music?

Actually, this should no longer be a question. As initially mentioned, through the Apple Music Family sharing plan, you can let your family members join a created group to share digital content including your favorite Apple Music tracks or saved playlists. All those in the family can access at most 50 million songs under different genres produced by several different artists. Here are the three most important benefits that you can get from availing of this Apple Music family plan.

  • You can get to enjoy more savings as this is much cheaper compared to buying an individual plan for each member.
  • When It comes to the use of Apple accounts, each would have his own. Therefore, though you are trying to share some digital content with others, you can enjoy your privacy as well and access your own iCloud Music Library if you wish to.
  • There is no limitation when it comes to the use of devices. Through the Apple Music family sharing plan, you can enjoy the content across several devices that you have – in case you have an iPhone, an iPad, Mac or Windows computers, iPod touch, or even Android gadgets such as phones and tablets.

Getting the Apple Music family sharing plan is indeed a good decision. However, we cannot avoid negative feedback from other users who are experiencing Apple Family sharing problems. Thus, resulting in actions of checking out solutions especially if they are not familiar with the process. To help those who are having difficulties, we will be sharing how to share Apple Music playlist by utilizing the mentioned family plan and by using a tool that is capable of downloading the Apple Music tracks, the TuneSolo Apple Music Converter. We will have these discussed in the third part of this article.

Add Someone to Your Apple Music

Part 3. How to Share Apple Music with Family?

In this part of the article, we are to share two methods of how to share Apple Music with family– via the family plan and by downloading the tracks directly to your Mac or Windows personal computers. We will begin by discussing the processes of using the Apple Music Family plan on your iOS, Mac, and Android gadgets.

Method 1. Share Apple Music with Family through a Family Plan

Make sure to keep the below notes in mind.

  • You should have an active Apple Music family plan subscription.
  • An Apple ID and Apple Music app must be installed on the device that you will use.

#1. For iOS users:

On your iOS device, the setting up process for Apple Music Sharing is only simple. You can follow this if you are using an iPhone or iPad.

Step #1. Using your Apple Music account (credential and password), login. Once you are on the main page, look for the Apple Music family sharing feature by heading to the “Settings” option and hitting your name on the screen.

Step #2. You will see an icon for “Set up family sharing”. Choose this and tick the “Get started” option. You will see the next steps to be done on the screen. Make sure to follow those steps.

Step #3. Finally, you only need to invite your family members to join and use the shared features that you all can enjoy.

#2. For Mac users:

In case you are using a Mac computer, you can follow this procedure.

Step #1. Make sure to log in to your Apple Music app on PC using your credentials.

Step #2. Head to your iCloud settings by hitting the Apple logo located on the leftmost corner of your PC’s screen. Choose the “System Preferences” button. You will see the new options. Make sure to open the “iCloud” icon.

Step #3. You now need to choose the “Set Up family” icon. There would be steps that would be shown on your screen. Follow those to complete the setup process.

Step #4. Now, the same with the first procedure, you need to invite your family members to join.

#3. For Android users:

If you are an Android user, there is nothing to worry about as we also have the detailed Apple Music sharing plan procedure here that you can follow.

Step #1. Of course, logging in to your account is a must. Input your username and password to begin.

Step #2. Head to the “Account Settings” button to open the “manage family” feature.

Step #3. Open the “Settings” and begin with the setup by following the onscreen prompts. Complete those steps to proceed with the last step.

Step #4. Start inviting your family members now!

Now that you are aware of the processes of how to share Apple Music with family members via the Apple Music app’s family sharing plan, you must be reminded that those procedures initially presented will only work if you are subscribed to the family plan. Once the plan ended, then all those features previously enjoyed will vanish as well as those songs downloaded for offline streaming.

Is there any other option since the above can be considered as one of the Apple family sharing problems? Solve this using the second method.

Share Apple Music with Family through a Family Plan

Method 2. Download and Keep Apple Music for Family sharing

If you are not capable of paying the monthly subscription fee to enjoy the Apple Music family sharing plan, you can check out some ways how you can download the Apple Music tracks that you love to finally keep those forever on your PC and transfer or share with friends and family members.

Since Apple Music files are protected files, it could be quite hard at first to look for a tool that can download those. Luckily, you have this TuneSolo Apple Music Converter.

TuneSolo Apple Music Converter

What is this capable of?

  • The removal of DRM protection is possible through this TuneSolo Apple Music Converter.
  • Assurance of having high-quality output files.
  • The ability to transform Apple music files and audiobooks to a new format.
  • Numerous inputs and output formats supported.
  • Fast conversion and download speed.
  • You can do batch conversion via this tool.
  • An easy interface that anyone can control and navigate.
  • Few installation requirements to complete.
  • Simple conversion steps.

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Share Apple Music with Family for Free Using Tunesolo

We have an overview of the steps and the corresponding details for each as well. Before reading those, take note of below.

  1. Open your TuneSolo Apple Music Converter.
  2. Import all those Apple Music tracks that you wish to keep.
  3. Hit the “Convert” button.

For your reference, we have the details for each step here.

Step #1. Open your TuneSolo Apple Music Converter

You need to complete all those requirements in order to install this TuneSolo Apple Music Converter first. For the complete list, we recommend you visit the main website for more information. This is supported by both Mac and Windows computers. Once you have the app on your PC, open and launch this to finally begin.

Note: The new version of Tunesolo Apple Music Converter no longer requires syncing with iTunes to process the offline music conversion anymore! We have a built-in Apple Music web player to boost download efficiency. Users need to log in with the Apple ID to continue the music searching and converting. Please free-try our new Apple Music Converter to know more about its fantastic features!

Step #2. Import All those Apple Music Tracks that You Wish to Keep

By dragging and dropping the files, you can import all those Apple Music tracks that you wish to download to your PC. The app supports batch conversion so if you wish to process numerous files, you can do it. Also, you need to choose the output format via the dropdown list. The recommendation is to choose an output format that is supported by a variety of media players so as to avoid any issues in the future. Adjusting the output settings and defining an output path can also be done during this step.

Add Apple Music Files

Step #3. Hit the “Convert” Button

The final step would be to click the “Convert” button that is located at the bottom part of the screen. While conversion is ongoing, the DRM protection will also be removed.

After a few minutes, the converted and downloaded tracks can be accessed via the output path initially defined. In order to share this with your family members, simply do the transfer via a USB drive or any other software application that can support the transfer.

By doing this, you can save 14.99 USD per month and keep all those tracks forever without worrying once your subscription ended.

Convert Apple Music Files

Part 4. Conclusion

There are two methods to enjoy the Apple Music Family sharing. You can do it either by directly using the Apple Music application and paying the family plan subscription fee or download the tracks via a tool like TuneSolo Apple Music Converter.

You can use whichever option you are comfortable with, but we strongly suggest checking out the second method.

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